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Be confident through
data visibility. 

Maximizes data governance, security and compliance with minimal effort through artificial intelligence.

DataSense understands data. Its AI-engine automatically recognizes and categorizes structured and unstructured data across file repositories, databases and cloud services.


A “Google”-like search engine provides insights in real-time. Receive answers to critical questions such as “Where is Dwayne Johnson’s data?”, “What was the impact to data by this ransomware?”, “Which users have sensitive spreadsheets in the cloud?” and even “Are we GDPR-complaint?” among many others


DataSense is an end-to-end system. The policy center alerts on security and compliance violations and can mitigate data at risk.  It integrates with third party tools such as backup, encryption and DLP systems.

Maximize Confidence. Minimize Resources.

Our AI human-free platform discovers the otherwise undiscovered, enforces data policies and protects sensitive assets. 
DataSense is the only solution that provides data-agnostic supervised categorization, data clustering, structured and unstructured data fusion, AI-driven PII recognition, searchable index and an actionable policy center
Audit, Permissions & Forensics

To meet the challenges of today’s sophisticated adversaries, organizations have to get the full picture – before, during and after a security indecent. To reinvent data security, DataSense is the first solution to provide content-aware auditing and access control. DaraSense provides a complete audit trail of access events and files operations both in file servers and cloud services. DataSense manages permissions based on content, access patterns and data ownership to keep critical data assets safe.

AI-Powered Visibility

Having a bird’s-eye view of critical data is essential to becoming more resilient to cyber-attacks and internal data exfiltration. Discover where sensitive documents are located and who has access to confidential data records. DataSense provides holistic visibility of sensitive data across cloud, end-points and on-premises data stores with data discovery, categorization, entity extraction, content analysis and access rights management.


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents the most ambitious and comprehensive changes to data protection rules in 20 years, with fines reaching up to 4% of annual turnover. DataSense constantly looks for compliance violations and provides automatic remediation with the click of a button. It also includes reports which enable businesses to measure risk and meet GDPR regulation requirements.

Cloud Migration

When migrating to a cloud-based environment new security challenges and compliance concerns arise. Data in the dark compromises the speed of digital transformation and can lead to data loss or exposure. A key step to data migration is to understand what data should be migrated and where does it reside. DataSense goes beyond the document and table level. Deep data visibility and monitoring ensure a smooth transition and tighter cloud security.

Human-Free.  Agent Less. Comprehensive 

Data Monitoring

DataSense constantly monitors end-points, file repositories, databases and cloud service to detect data at risk


Deep mining algorithms categorize data and extracts content-aware insights


The search engine provides content-aware information and risk overview in real-time


The policy center generates alerts that help mitigate any security and compliance violations in seconds


Out-of-the-box integrations increase the value of existing data tools such as encryption and DLP systems.

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