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Human-Free Compliance and Data Protection

Maximize data governance, security and compliance with minimal effort through cognitive computing. 

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Redefine data managment

Cognigo is a single point of control to manage and protect critical data assets and PIIs. Gain deep and context-aware visibility into enterprise-wide data. Achieve data protection and GDPR compliance in days, not months.


DataSense enables businesses to measure risk and meet GDPR regulation requirements with the click of a button.

Data Visibility and Security

DataSense constantly looks for security vulnerabilities and provides automatic remediation. Keep critical data assets safe anywhere, anytime.

Decrease risk in seconds

DataSense’s content-aware search and control engine results in radically faster, more accurate and scalable data security than traditional solutions. Using groundbreaking machine learning technologies, DataSense is able to classify data, ensure compliance, enforce data policies and actively mitigate data at risk in real-time. 

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Eliminate Uncertainty

By using Cognigo’s cognitive computing, leading organizations are able to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data management and security in complex environments. Having a single source of truth is key to resilience – before, during and after an incident.



CCPA Datasheet
GDPR Datasheet
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April 23-24, 2019, Transformational CISO + Financial Services
Hutton Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, USA 
May 2-3 2019, Global Privacy Summit 2019
Washington Marriott Marquis Hotel, Washington, DC, USA
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