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A scanned document is a key data source in big enterprises, such as your bank and insurance company. Documents which are not filled-in correctly impose an immense legal risk. Any party of a contract might deny its agreement to the terms. Until now, documents were validated in a manual way. Humans are prone to error, so it’s impossible to validate documents on a large scale. Another aspect is the GDPR consent, which can be in the form of a scanned document (for instance, as part of know-your-client [KYC] process). In D.Day Labs, we believe that data intelligence is key to every aspect of data processing. Due to an increasing demand from our client base, we developed scanned documents validation, as can be seen in the images below. The correct fields are marked in green, while missing fields are marked in red. DataSense classifies the document category based on artificial intelligence. Then our algorithms use unconventional deep learning and computer vision to find the missing fields. Artificial intelligence creates new opportunities to solve old problems in data governance. Stay tuned for more research updates!