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"Frankly, this looks good... this is quite magic in fact" -  that was the reaction from the audience at the IMAgine data conference in Paris, France.  And indeed, that is the reaction we often get from security professionals and GDPR stakeholders when they first hear about our solution. But, there is no magic here, just advanced machine learning and years of experience. 

Data governance is an immense challenge, and now more than ever -  failing to achieve GDPR compliance could lead to unprecedented fines and penalties.  Artificial intelligence is the key for GDPR-readiness under the broad definition of personal information.  Yet, we at Cognigo, believe the compliance is only the beginning of achieving comprehensive data security. 

In the video below, Asa Kedar explains how we at Cognigo, help leading organizations achieve GDPR compliance and data security in days, not months.  

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Watch the video
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The GDPR comes into force on May 25th, 2018.
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Guy Leibovitz

Guy Leibovitz is the founder and CEO of Cognigo Inc. Mr. Leibovitz has over 12 years of experience in technical research and cyber security leadership. Prior to founding Cognigo, he served as co-founder and CTO at Routier. He has also served as an independent consultant to leading tech companies, specializing in applying machining learning algorithms to cyber security. Mr. Leibovitz was a senior technical lead in the elite technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He hold a Bsc in Computer Science and Economics from the Hebrew University and has graduated advanced machine learning studies at the Weizmann Institute of Science.