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DataSense - Shed light on dark data

From day one, DataSense autonomously discovers the otherwise undiscovered, enforces GDPR and security policies and alerts on data vulnerabilities.

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Dark Data

Every second, a tremendous amount of data is being generated in disparate data silos – from end devices to cloud services. On average, 80% of this data is left unmanaged leading to immense security and compliance risks.  Existing tools require tedious manual rules which are incapable of grasping the complexity of today’s data.

According to Forrester,  more than 62% of  the organizations don't know where their most critical data resides

Now more than ever before, human-free data management and security is required to ensure business continuity. DataSense generates the most comprehensive insights into your structured and unstructured data silos. Leveraging ground-breaking AI algorithms, DataSense develops a human-like understanding of any data record at scale, providing you with unparalleled visibility and out-of-the-box GDPR and security policies enforcement. 


    By leveraging Cognitive Computing, DataSense analyzes your structured and unstructured data to create a detailed centralized index of where your data resides.

    Search Engine

    Immediately answer security and business related questions by leveraging our powerful native search engine.

    Scale & Speed

    DataSense's elastic nodes can effectively scale to monitor and manage petabytes of data.

    End to End

    Automated data management - from discovery to enforcement. The out-of-the-box best practices Policy Center enables the identification of potential risks and alerts to the SOC team in real time.

    Human-Free. Agent Less. Comprehensive


    Data Monitoring

    DataSense constantly monitors end-points, file repositories, databases and cloud services to detect data at risk


    Deep mining algorithms categorize data and extract content-aware insights


    The search engine provides content-aware information and risk overview in real-time


    The policy center generates alerts that help mitigate any security and compliance violations in seconds


    Out-of-the-box integrations increase the value of existing data tools such as encryption and DLP systems.

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    1. Identify

    DataSense scans your data remotely, supporting all common protocols. Next, the AI algorithms automatically recognize and categorize structured and unstructured data across file repositories, databases and cloud services.

    2. Ask

    By creating a powerful, centralized index, and leveraging a native “Google-like” search engine, DataSense provides answers to your most critical data security and business-related questions. Discover data violations, potential breaches and compliance issues with a single pane of glass.

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    3. Orchestrate

    By leveraging innovative policies, DataSense instantly identifies potential security and compliance risks to automate actions such as alerts, file tagging and encryption. In addition it maximizes the return and enhances the capabilities of existing infrastructure by integrating with the organization’s SIEM, DLP, IRM and more.

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