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Be Confident through Cognitive Computing 

Get the confidence you need, with minimal resources. DataSense helps you with some of the most complex business challenges in security and compliance.

You can’t effectively protect data you don’t even know you have.

Our AI human-free platform maps every bit of your data to discover the undiscoverable, enforces data policies and protects sensitive assets. DataSense is the only solution that provides data-agnostic supervised categorization, data clustering, structured and unstructured data fusion, AI-driven PII recognition, searchable index and an actionable policy center.

    Data Discovery and Classificaion

    DataSense scans your data remotely, supporting all common protocols. Then, the AI algorithms automatically recognize and categorize structured and unstructured data across file repositories, databases and cloud services.

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    Cloud Data Governance and Protection

    Moving critical data to the cloud requires a new type of visibility and control over the assets. DataSense helps to identify which data can be stored on the cloud as well as ensure that the transitions comply with your organization’s data governance policy.

    Audit, Permissions & Forensics

    Get a complete audit trail of access events and file operations in your on-premise servers and cloud services. DataSense also keeps your data safe by provisioning access permissions based on content, access patterns and data ownership. If your data is ever compromised, DataSense provides instant forensics to identify lost value.  

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    Data Silos and Integrations 



    Datasense supports the most common file types (PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, etc.) as well as CAD and scanned documents.


    We also support common relational DBs (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.). NoSQL databases, such as Hadoop and MongoDB, will be supported soon.

    Cloud Services

    DataSense supports most common cloud services, including AWS-S3, Office 365, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

    Third Party Integrations

    The platform is designed to integrate with many of the technologies used today such as SIEM, DLP, classification tools such as Microsoft AIP, Boldon James and more, thereby improving your existing data protection tools.

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